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-====== ​Sequence of Controls ​====== +====== ​Design ​====== 
-There are probably hundreds ​of thousands of sequences of controls that have been written to control everything from a simple pump or fan operating on a schedule to very complex (and often proprietary) chiller plant optimization algorithms.  ​Among the multitude ​of sequences written and implemented to datethese sequences offer broad spectrum of reliability,​ functionality,​ ease of implementation,​ energy efficiency, alarms/​notification,​ etc.  ​In the interest of gathering the best practices of firms for control ​of the most common types of HVAC systemsASHRAE formed a committee to author ​the forthcoming Guideline 36. +A poor Sequence ​of Controls can completely neuter the best equipment selection, layout, ​and painstaking coordination.  ​On the other side of things, a great Sequence can sometimes mask design deficiencies.  ​Along with specifications and control ​diagrams, the [[Sequence of Controls]] is where the rubber meets the roadso to speak in an HVAC design. ​ It is through a Sequence that all of the required ​and desired functionality is conveyed to the BAS contractor This includes different modes of operation (think heating versus cooling)allowable operator overrides, alarms, etc.  ​It can be a time-consuming process to write a robust Sequence that delivers ​the strikes the right balance between useful functionality & frivolous modes, actionable notifications & nuisance alarms, robust operation & susceptibility to getting caught in logic loops.
- +
-[[http://​gpc36.savemyenergy.com/​|From their web site:]] +
->​Guideline 36 was created by ASHRAE’s //Technical Committee 1.4Control Theory and Application// ​to maintain and publish best-of-class control sequences that meet or exceed ​the requirements of published ASHRAE standards such as 90.1, 62.1 and 55. These sequences are intended for use with fully programmable DDC BAS systems controlling variable speed/​capacity equipment. +
- +
-As of April 2016the committee has addressed the most common types of air-side HVAC systems.  ​Their work is [[http://​gpc36.savemyenergy.com/​public-files/​|published for free download]] as part of the public review process.+
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