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 +====== DAC-633E ======
 +The DAC-633E is a fully programmable,​ Native BACnet™ Advanced Application Controller that communicates on Twisted-Pair Ethernet 10-BaseT using BACnet IP and BACnet over Ethernet, or on an RS-485 LAN using the BACnet MS/TP protocol. It is designed for a wide-range of applications that have small local I/O requirements. It also supports BACstats and other Delta LINKnet devices.
 +===== Features =====
 +  * Native BACnet firmware
 +  * Fully programmable in GCL+
 +  * BACnet MS/TP communications (DAC- 633), BACnet/IP and BACnet Ethernet (DAC-633E)
 +  * Super Capacitor for real-time clock and SRAM backup (requires no maintenance) on DAC-633E
 +  * Supports 6 BACstat network sensors on LINKnet for room sensing and control or 2 Delta Field Modules on LINKnet for I/O expansion
 +  * Actuator power terminal (24VAC) for each analog output (can be powered internally or from an auxiliary transformer)
 +  * Firmware upgrade and database load/ save over the network
 +  * Supports Modbus capability via flash loading in the field
 +  * Service port
 +  * Screw or DIN rail mountable
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