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The Trend IQ3xcite building energy management system controller uses BACnet IP, TCP/IP, Ethernet networking technologies as well as Trend’s proprietary communications. Its secure, embedded Web server delivers user-specific Web pages to a PC or mobile device running familiar, easy-to-use Internet browser software. The IQ3xcite’s graphics are easy to understand and navigate. This controller is virtually plug-and-play; its modular design accommodates any expansion or configuration a user needs. The DIN-rail-mounted IQ3xcite’s basic version offers ten inputs and six outputs; an expandable version can have up to 128 points by adding I/O modules. A user can network more than 16,000 IQ3xcite controllers.


  • BACnet-enabled and adjustable BACnet priorities
  • Ethernet (10Mbps) network with TCP/IP protocol
  • Embedded Web server
  • Secure monitoring and control from a Web browser
  • 10 universal inputs and 6 analog outputs
  • Expandable to 128 points using optional I/O modules
  • EIA-232 local supervisor port
  • Local display (SDU-xcite)
  • Small footprint with DIN-rail mounting
  • Multiple language support
  • Support for XML Web services


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