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The new FG series (The Beast!) of Open Automation Controllers from EasyIO are the new range Internet ready Field Controllers. They comprise of combined Area Controller capabilities and features, as well built in I/O and huge data logging capacity. All packaged as the future solution for the Internet of things in Energy and Building Facility Control.

The controller also supports multi concurrent protocols and services such as BACnet, Modbus, TCOM, Web Services and both Server and Client services. This new range complies with the ‘Internet of Things’ by interfacing directly to Cloud Services without an additional Gateway or Server. To power the application, the FG has a dual ARM processor engine and also a built-in Web Server.


  • Power! - Two ARM Processors
  • Memory/Storage - SD Card and massive history storage (max. 16GB, not included)
  • 1x 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet Port
  • 2x RS485
  • Real Time Clock
  • SuperCap Apps Safety Backup
  • Supports BACnet, TCOM, Modbus and Web Services
  • 16 x Universal Inputs
  • 8 x Digital Outputs with status LED
  • 8 x Universal Outputs (200mA sink for Switching Relays)
  • Remote Flash Upgrades
  • HTML5 Web Server on Board!
  • PHP & SQL Web server on board
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