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Reset Password

To reset and set up M-Password:

  • Select Start > Programs > JCI > M-Password > Config. Leave User Name blank and use a Password of JCI, click OK
  • Remove all entries in M-Password Config and save.
  • Open Explorer, search for *.sec files, delete all of them, then reboot.
  • Open M-Password Config and it should be titled Untitled. If not, remove all entries in M-Password Config and save, delete all *.sec files, reboot, re-open M-Password Config and it should be titled Untitled.
  • Insert a New User.
    • Select Edit > Application Actions and on the right will be Default and the User.
    • Highlight Default user and move all actions to Default user, except for M3HCI, only move its Launch and Exit.
    • Then highlight the User and only move all of M3HCI. Click OK on the Actions window.
  • Save M-Password Config in the project's folder.
  • Double-click or Right-click and Edit the User on the right. Remember the User Name, enter a Password and again in Verify Password.
  • Select the Points tab, for Include enter an * and select Add.
  • Select the Files tab, for Include enter *.* and select Add, then select OK.
  • Save and Exit M-Password Config.
  • For this first time, select Start > Programs > JCI > M-Password > Login and enter the User's Name and Password, then open M3.
  • Select M3Options > System Setup > Login on Launch and Logout on Exit - Always, then OK.
  • Close M3 and wait for the MWorkstation Communication to open and close.
  • Reopen M3, it will ask you to login, M3 will open. Then close M3, it will logout of M-Password. If the above works, then you can proceed.
  • Open M-Password Config, add other Users, add Groups and restrict Actions. Remove the Actions of the Default user to restrict all users.
  • Save M-Password Config before exiting.
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